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Check out this quick and easy Spa Experience at home from manara_usa! 🙆

Check out this quick and easy Spa Experience at home from @manara_usa! 🙆 I started using this hot cleansing gel all natural 2-in-1 cleanser & makeup remover last week and love my #results!! ad. It works by gently warming and softening my skin to remove makeup, dead surface cells and hidden makeup traces without stripping my skin of the essential oils it needs! 🌿 I love the wonderful smelling citrus fragrance that leaves my skin feeling super soft and moisturized all day and night. It has a natural orange color from carrots and contains all my favorite ingredients including papaya enzymes, vitamin c, #collagen, #atichoke leaf extract and more! I also like how it makes my skin glow and it made my skin brighter and minimized the appearance of pores. This #MANARA hot cleansing gel is really quick and easy to use too! I just rub it into my dry hands until it warms up and then massage it into my face, rinse with warm water and I'm done!! The end result is a soft, clean, glowing face that stays moisturized all day. 🌿 To learn more and try it for yourself visit ➡


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