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Check out this gorgeous Claddagh birthstone ring!

Check out this beautiful Birthstone Claddagh ring

It's a birthstone ring and I just love the green emerald gemstone that matches my Claddagh tattoo I have on my ring finger. My tattoo is almost identical but has my man's initial in the center and he has the same tattoo but with my initial. I believe that birthstones are considered lucky for their particular months and their healing powers are heightened during these times. This ring is not only my lucky charm and represents my heritage, It also looks and feels to be incredibly well made. I have been wearing it 24/7 for the past month and it still looks brand new. No issues with turning my finger a strange color, bending or dulling of the shine and sparkle. It's also incredibly comfortable to wear and I can see myself wearing it for years to come. I do have several rings and many very expensive rings but I must say that this is actually my favorite ring out of all of them.

I love the history behind the Claddagh ring too! It was first recognized in the 17th century as a traditional Irish ring that represents love, loyalty, and friendship. This ring from the Irish Jewelry Company is such a wonderful way for me to celebrate my Celtic heritage. I think this Claddagh Ring makes a unique gift for everyone and not only people with Irish heritage. 🍀 To see all the birthstone available for these rings and all the other gorgeous Claddagh ring designs visit The Irish Jewelry Company.


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