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💜 Check out this fun drinkware gift set from bevveecoI I received to share and review.

💜 Check out this fun drinkware gift set from bevvee I received to share and #review. My set included my astrology sign Gemini Coffee Tumbler, cool looking Elephant Boho Wine Tumbler and these 2 Vintage year themed Pint Glasses.

♊ My favorite of the set is the

#Gemini Coffee Tumbler. Love the color and the beautifully detailed etching of my #astrologysign.

It has sliding lids. It's made of stainless steel double-wall construction that's vacuum insulated.ive how it keeps my drinks twice as cold and hot compared to glass or plastic containers!

🐘 The Elephant #Boho Wine Tumbler has all the same great features as the tumbler. It is such a gorgeous color and #bohoelephant etching design. Did you know that elephants have a positive #symbolicmeaning all over the world and they're considered to be a symbol of good luck, power, success, wisdom, and experience?

🍺 The 2 Vintage year themed #PintGlasses are nice and large #beerglasses that look and feel to be well made. Love how they're etched and not printed. The #etched design in the glass is guaranteed to never wear off!

💜 My gift set arrived in beautiful purple wrapping and each @bevveecol set was individually boxed and protected for safe delivery. Love how they're etched by hand in the usa in their small Colorado shop. The etched text is guaranteed to never wear off even with heavy washing! #bevclub

💜 Check out all the different drinkware colors, etchings and options! Right now you can get 10% off your entire order with my code: SHANNANRN


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