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🌱 Check out this box of cbd goodies from procana!

🌱 Check out this box of cbd goodies from @procana_cbd!!. My favorite way to use cbd is topically and these #cbd + arnica & menthol freeze products are the very best cbd #topicals I've had the opportunity to try!!!.🌱 I love how the cold #therapy formula blend of ingredients work together perfectly to bring instant relief! So far i've tried them on muscle and joint #aches but this formula also works on swelling, stiffness and minor bruises. The reason this blend is my favorite out of all topicals I've tried is because it feels cold and tingly when applied and works instantly!. 🌱 The difference between the roll on and the spray is the way it applies the product and they have different amounts of cbd mixed in with the #arnica & menthol formula. I like the roll on best because it seems to apply the product more evenly and I especially love the way the roll on feels as it's applied.

#Procana cbd products are always 3rd party lab tested and

made in USA. 🌱 To learn more and try any procana product for 10,% off use my code: SHANNANRN  ↪️


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