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Check out this beautiful purple grape agate I found at

Check out this beautiful purple grape #agate I found at @earthfamilycrystals! 💜 I learned from visiting their site that the grape Agate is a fairly new #discovery coming from Indonesia which is actually a chalcedony #crystal. They carry with them an energy of #spiritualgrowth and wisdom & emanate the violet ray, which unites the etheric, astral, emotional, mental & physical bodies in their intended harmony. This gifted #grapeagate is the perfect crystal for those who are drawn to the arts to assist in connecting with any inner inspiration that may feel lost or stagnant. If your feeling stuck about a direction to go in life- personally or professionally, these stones work great in helping you find purpose and clarity. To learn all about crystals and see all sorts of gorgeous #minerals, #crystals, #fossils & #gemstone jewelry for your collections visit ➡


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