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👂Check out this amazing diagnostic tool for moms everywhere!

💧 One of Zelah's favorite outside activities is being sprinkled with the hose! Unfortunately, playing in water increases the chance of ear infections!

👂Check out this amazing diagnostic tool for moms everywhere! This innovative tool for the ears from remmiehealth is awesome! I love having this otoscope around because now I never have to second guess if Zelah has something going on with her ears. This tool along with the integrated Telemedicine is an easy way to avoid missing work for appointments or going to the ER/urgent care in the middle of the night. What a clever way to keep sick kids out of waiting rooms where they could pick up something else.

👂 This Remmie Home Ear Monitor / Camera & App is actually the first monitor otoscope for home users to connect via telehealth or virtual care with pros about ear-nose-throat symptoms safely at home! It is easy to do in 3 steps too! First you do a

guided examination at home.

Patients use the Remmie connected home ear monitor camera/ otoscope and App to capture symptom images and video. Next, you connect to virtual care through Remmie App's referral to their partner service providers for board-certified physicians in all 50 states, 24/7, or your existing telehealth network to share symptoms. Last, you receive a prescription if the doctor finds it necessary. All from the comfort of your home saving moms and kids the hassle of appointments or urgent care visits. To learn more and try it for your family visit



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