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💧Check out these Cool Flask water bottles!

💧Check out these Coolflask water Bottles! They both are available in lots of different colors and have some slight differences. I like them equally because they both come with a strap, sleeve, caps, straws, cleaning brush and other accessories. They each hold a half gallon of water! Love the lightweight design and they both look and feel to be well made of food-grade stainless steel with double wall vacuum.

The innovative insulation keeps my drinks super cold or hot depending on what I want. Love how the wide mouth design allows for easy ice or supplement filling. Perfect for vacations, hiking, and any outdoor activities.

💙 The blue water bottle is available at

🩷 The pink water bottle is available at

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1 Comment

Lani Vander Syde
Lani Vander Syde
May 11, 2023

what a cutie 😊

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