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💚 Check out the Germ Buster Sabre by sterilray!

💚 Check out the Germ Buster Sabre by sterilray! Its a clever and portable way to disinfect the air and surfaces throughout the day and night. It uses Far-UV to rapidly reduce the amount of active microbes in the indoor air to almost zero, making indoor air essentially as safe as outdoor air! The 222nm light is the only technology that doesn't rely on air exchanges to destroy airborne viruses! It's powerful enough to INSTANTLY disinfect the air in an occupied space. Also an excellent additional layer of defense for those still using N95 masks to avoid getting sick. What a clever and convenient way to keep your family and co workers safe! Its the perfect solution for just about family or office gathering to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Right now you can use code: NS24 to get 20% off and a free hard case!


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