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💜 Check out my new favorite pillow from pinezebra!

💜 Check out my new favorite pillow from  @pine_zebra!! I've been using this soft pipe neck pillow for about a week and have been waking up feeling so refreshed! 🛌 That dull neck pain in the morning I used to experience no longer exists!! One of the reasons this pillow is so amazingly comfortable is because it has curves specifically designed to relieve pressure from my head and shoulders. The concave in the middle keeps my head and neck in alignment so my whole body feels supported.

🛌 This new technology uses cooling fillings, PE soft pipes, air fibers and superfine hollow fibers. I also love how it's 100% height and shape adjustable with the five-grid partition designed to alleviate all those #pressurepoints no matter what position I sleep in. It even comes with a laundry bag making it super easy to clean by simply tossing it in the washing machine. 💜 To learn more about this new technology, eco-friendly pillow and get 15% off us my code: NurseShannan ➡️


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