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😋 Check out my 6 favorite quick & simple summer meals!

ad 😋 Check out my 6 favorite quick & simple summer meals! Sometimes I just don't feel like spending a lot of time making meals so these are my go-tos that are always handy in our freezer. Each one can feed your family in 15 minutes or less! #SummerEZMealsBBxx

1. Banquet MEGA Spicy Chicken Queso Burrito Bowl. It's a yummy Mexican favorite my whole family loves! It gives us 17g of protein per bowl! The most delicious seasoned chicken breast with spicy queso sauce, white rice, vegetables & black beans.

2. Birds Eye Teriyaki Glazed Green Beans!I love this easy to make side dish & the steamfresh bag makes microwave prep so easy! It's ready in around 4 minutes. These teriyaki glazed green beans go well with just about any entree.

3. Chef Boyardee Chicken Alfredo Skillet Meal  This is my main dish of choice I know my entire family loves. I love how easy it is to prepare in a skillet. The penne pasta with chicken in a rich & creamy alfredo sauce is always a hit. It's a large bag big enough to feed the 3 of us and still have leftovers to snack on the next day. 

4.  Healthy Choice Balsamic Garlic Steak! This dish has it all -- a main entree, two sides, and a yummy sauce. It makes for a super convenient lunch or dinner that’s ready in minutes.The steak is flavored with the most delicious tangy balsamic sauce. The green beans taste super fresh & the garlic mashed potatoes are impressive. 

5. Marie Callender’s Garlic Chicken & Pasta!  I'm always happy with Marie Calenders foods because they're always so tasty and easy to prepare in the oven or microwave. This dish is a real comfort food that my whole family enjoys. It's made with juice white meat chicken breast pieces & pasta in a roasted garlic sauce with spinach & Roma tomatoes.

6.  Odom’s Tennessee Pride Mild Sausage Links! Yummy! Love the real country flavor and how they're fully cooked. Perfect for busy mornings because all I need to do is simply heat and serve. Love how they're made from 100% pork with a blend of herbs & spices. I feel good about serving them to my family because they contain no fillers, artificial flavors or nitrates


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