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Chalkola 🎨

Finding new activities to do around the house is a priority during this #quarantinelife. 🎨 Thanks so much @chalkola for gifting us these Liquid Chalk Markers and Rustic Chalkboard Sign. Zelah has endless ways to be creative and fill the time. The chalk markers come in a 30 pack of pastel and neon are are very easy to draw with plus are - erasable. 🎨 They are fun to use on any non-porous surface including mirrors, chalk boards and whiteboards. The rustic chalkboard sign has a smooth wooden frame with magnetic surface so there are tons of different ways to get creative with it. Right now you can get

10% off with my code: SHANNAN10 on amazon ➡


Get 10% off with code: CHALKOLA10 ➡




btw. I found this beautiful dress on my new favorite place for kids clothes @sparkleinpink 💖 I will be posting about all the gorgeous dresses I found there soon 💖


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