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Brassy Bra

have so many different outfits and dresses that I just can not wear a traditional bra with. I've tried tons of different types of stick on type bras and they are so uncomfortable and always seem to fall off within an hour or so. Thankfully I've found these new @brassybra invisible breast tape that stay on all day and feel like a second skin. I've worn these for up to 14 hours and they still feel like I just applied them. They are incredibly easy to apply and take off too. The reason they're so comfy is because they're made of 97% cotton so they breathe and stretch with your body. They're also waterproof/danceproof and move with your body. I love how I can wear them with my yoga outfits without worrying about them falling off from sweat. This innovative medical grade adhesive can even be worn under a swimsuit and still does not come off unintentionally when wet. One of my favorite things about the amazing #brassybra is they really are almost invisible under most any type of clothing. #Brassybra can be applied in tons of different ways to get more shape and support and you can even add their newest product *That Little Extra* along with the Brassy Bra invisible tape to create even more support, shape, lift or cleavage. To learn more and see all the different sizes & colors (licorice, caramel, vanilla chocolate) visit



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