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Black Friday Shopping Tips 

Black Friday is November 29th so I've been looking around a head of time trying to find all the best deals so I'm prepared. Last year I wasn't prepared at all so I wasn't able to take advantage of all those black friday deals out there. I love taking advantage of the deals online so I don't have to fight the crowds. It's also such a smart way to get all my Christmas presents a head of time at huge discounts. I have created a list of 9 useful Black Friday tips and what I will be buying . I hope this practical advice will help you navigate your Black Friday shopping experience.

1. Most Black Friday deals aren't just available on Black Friday alone. There are tons of major retailers that start their sales a week or two before the actual black Friday date.

2. Amazon has their Seven Days of Black Friday Deals you definitely don't want to miss out on. If you’re shopping on Amazon and don't need two day shipping then try out the No Rush shipping. This option allows you to earn rewards if you're a prime member. I use this option alll the time for $1 towards any digital order. I typically cash these out to get free movie rentals, digital college text books and audible books. Sometimes amazon will give you $5 off of Prime Now orders but I allows prefer the $1 digital credits.

3. Get notified of black friday deals by simply following all your favorite brands on Instagram, facebook and twitter. This is a good idea because brands often post about limited time offers and share discount codes on their feeds.

4. Try to stay in your budget regardless of all those great deal temptations out there. December is quickly coming up and it is already an expensive month so don't deplete all your savings for the sake of getting good deals.

5. It's never a good idea to buy Christmas themed products like wrapping paper, decorations and ornaments on Black Friday because you can get way better deals on these holiday themed things after christmas.

6. Sign up for email newsletters from all your favorite brands. This is such an easy way to be notified about all their most current deals, coupons and specials delivered right to your inbox.

7. Make a list to prioritize which stores you will shop at this year. I will be shopping on amazon, walmart and target and will be making a list of all the products I want to buy by order of importance as well as the store.

8. Some of the best toys for ages 3 and up I will be looking for black friday deals on this year are the Pinkfong Baby Shark OfficialSong, Puppet, Animal Planet Extreme T-Rex Adventure Playset and the LeapFrog RockIt Twist. I'm most excited to find a deal on the leapfrog rocket twist because it has 12 learning games that teach math literacy, creativity and lots of other skills. Best of all your child can care for three virtual pets. I'm also interested in the interactive nurturing toys - Owleez and Juno my baby elephant.

9. If you're wondering what kind of products will have the best black friday deals check out last year's list of huge discounts on things like smart tvs, gaming consoles, tech, instant pots and more . Check out *10 offerings from 2018* (as voted on by the Slickdeals community)


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Muhammad Sudais
Muhammad Sudais
Oct 03, 2023

Great Blog! The information article was very helpful, Thanks a lot for sharing this, I really appreciate it

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