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Best Kinds of Productions for Child Actresses 🎥

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Best Kinds of Productions for Child Actresses

Raising a child actress is a difficult job for parents to take on. You’re not only dealing with the same problems as all other parents, but you’re also trying to manage their career. One problem many parents of child actresses have is trying to find the right opportunities for their child. If they’re only just getting started in acting, you might not know what to look for. The first productions your child does can have a huge impact on their opinion on being an actor. It’s also important that they’re getting the right experience to grow as an actor.

Here are the best productions you should look into for your child actress.

Local theater

One of the most obvious choices for child actresses to be in is a local theater production. This is one of the best places for your child to get started. Your child might want to get started with film right away, but it’s unlikely that they’ll get that right away. It’s important that they start with something more attainable, like a small role in a local production. It’s important that they get the experience to know whether or not they like acting. Local theaters are an important part of the journey for most actresses and actors. They’ll still get a lot out of local theater for years to come.

Extras on TV shows

Before your child has any real experience in acting, they might struggle to get some more major roles. Something that might be more achievable for them is to be in the background of a TV show or movie. This might not even be something that they need to try out for. If they look the right part for it and are able to blend in with the other actors in the background, they might be brought right on. Being an extra can be an exciting role for your child if they’re interested in being in films. This also gives them the chance to get familiar with being around cameras.


A great way for your child to get more exposure is by being in a commercial. How attainable this goal is might vary depending on where you live. Even if you have to travel a longer distance for them to be in commercials, it’s worth it for their career. This is likely the largest production that your child has been in so far. Once you get in one commercial, it could become much easier for them to grow their career.

Dance competitions

Although it’s not an acting production, dance competitions can also be great for child actresses. Many actors and actresses first start out with other activities, such as dance. This can be a great way for your child to get used to performing in front of people on a stage. It’s good for child actresses to be able to do more than just act. If you can show that your child is a dancer as well, that might open up more opportunities for her.


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