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BarkPotty 🐶

🐶 Our pug Mr.Snork is house trained but when we leave home we always need to leave pee pads out for him. We recently found an eco-friendly alternative called the @barkpotty. It's a convenient, clean, natural and disposable dog potty solution that lasts a MONTH or more. It's made of real bark just like a dog park so your dog instinctively knows that's it's for peeing on! One of my favorite things about #BarkPotty is that it replaces up to 60 pee pads!!. Best of all there is no mess because the unique netting holds the litter in place and the tray is lined to prevent leaks. If you're tired of pee pads check out this all natural & recyclable alternative and get 10% off with my code: Shannan10 ➡


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