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🎄 Are you a Dr.Seuss fan?

🎄 Are you a Dr.Seuss fan? Zelah had a blast today creating and building structures with her #HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas @magnatiles Structure giftset from Create On! There are so many ways to #create with this set! You can make a sleigh and tons of other fun structures! You can even play memory games with it. Beautiful super vivid colors on these #magnatiles and each one is made with #SuperColor technology on both sides plus have a scratch-resistant coating. This set comes in a cute box and includes 12 three-inch square tiles, 2 small triangles 1 six-inch square tile and 1 chassis.

🎄 #CreateOn has a huge assortment of #screenfree holiday gift sets for kids 3 and up! I love how the sets are compatible with each other and you can connect them together to make your own unique multi-structure mix and match sets! Right now you can get free shipping on orders online over $75.


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