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Amazing Intimacy Box ❤

All sorts of fun goodles in this @amazingintimacybox. It's a lifestyle and experience box focused on building love and intimacy in fun and inspiring ways. This #amazingintamcybox fllled with full-sized, premium products curated by a relationship and intimacy coach who is #aasect certified and has been featured in all kinds of publications including #SelfMagazine, #HuffingtonPost and #LadiesHomeJournal. Leslie has helped thousands of people create amazing relationships & intimacy. My favorite things in this box are the super soft throw blanket and the fun dice game along with the delicious smelling oils. There were also some yummy drink recipes to prepare in the included gorgeous copper cups. What a clever way to remember to take time to energize your relationship. Right now you can get $10 off your first box with code: WELCOME10 ➡




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