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Alfred Smart Lock Deadbolt 🏠

🏠 This DB2-B smart lock deadbolt from is amazing *we call it our talking door. It has a touchscreen keypad with 3 ways to lock and unlock your door. You can use a pin code, key or by bluetooth and you can use up to 20 unique pin codes. Zelah gets a kick out of how it says different things like * door locked * door unlocked *. 🏠 Alfred is a motorized deadbolt that uses batteries but can be used with your key with or without the motor function plus it also has an emergency micro USB power port if you need it. When you use it with bluetooth and the app you can control it remotely from any location or #alfred unlocks with a single touch when your phone is nearby. What a clever way to know who enters your house and at what time too. 🏠 It was easy to install and fits any standard 2-1/8” deadbolt hole. If you've been looking to upgrade your locking system then check this out ➡ . >



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