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Adjustable Standing/Sitting Desk 💻

This adjustable standing/sitting  desk from @kyasimarketing is perfect for people who are prone to back pain like me.  It has a clever #ergonomic design that was specifically created to encourage good #posture, promote blood flow and give relief from neck, shoulder and #backpain. 💻 It has 3 different height adjustments for sitting or standing use and fits 2 monitors with a keyboard tray. This laptop stand is the perfect distance  between your keyboard and computer monitor so you can work hours without straining your body or wrists. I have a similar #standingdesk like this but this one is my favorite because it's easier to maneuver and adjust plus it came 100% pre-assembled and took 10 seconds to start using it unlike my other standing desk that took about an hour to put together. 💻 Right now @kyasimarketing is offering a deal with coupon code: BOGO1

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