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Acylic 2 IN 1 sponge, soap, cleaning brush holder 👱

This acylic sponge holder from the @syslercorporation is the perfect solution to eliminate wet smelly sponges and melted soaps. It's a 2 in 1 holder for the #Kitchen, Sink, Bath or Shower. We love how it has double shelves with drainage and the modern design. It can hold two or more pieces at the same time and I like to use it for sponges, scrubbers and soaps. I like how the non-slip silicone stand elevates the base from the countertop and how it fits many different sponge and soap sizes. It's also easy to clean and I simply rinse it under the tap water and it's done. I'm thinking about getting a couple more of these so I can use them in our bathrooms too. My favorite thing about it is the innovative drainage design ensures your sponges, cleaning brushes and soaps don't sit in gross dirty water for hours. I think this moderm design would go great with any kind of bathroom or kitchen decor. If youve been looking for a cleaner and more convenient way to store your sponges, scrubbers and soaps then use my code: SHANNY15 for 15% off. The coupon is good until 2/29/20 ➡ . ❤ Sign up for their newsletter and stay tuned for the latest products and news at . Sponsored ❤ #Sysler #Spongeholder #Soapholder #kitchenorganization #Syslercorporation #Syslercorp

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