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🙆 3 Fun Games for kids 3 & up 

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Zelah has been having a blast with these 3 new fun games from #goliathgamesus #chizcomm. These gifted games make excellent gifts for any little kid 3 and up. #GatorGolf, #PopthePig and #BananaBlast!!! So far Zelah's favorite of the 3 is the Gator #Golf. It's such a fun way to get her outside and moving while developing large motor skills and hand eye coordination. It has cute little birdies on the gator’s back that work as built-in score keepers. 🙆 We also love how it doesn't require batteries and when she putts the ball in the gators mouth to score the gator flicks the ball up in the air with his tail for more putting fun!! The first player to score 3 points wins! The #Popthepig game is a fun way to teach, numbers, colors and counting. Banana blast also doesn't require batteries and the players pull bananas from the tree top until the monkey jumps! 🙆 These 3 new fun games are currently available on @amazon and other major retailers. To learn more visit ➡



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