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2019 Year in Review 🎉

#TailwindAppPartner 📣🎉 Check out my 2019 Year in Review from @tailwindapp 🙆. It was 100% free and super easy to create. What a fun way to uncover your most unforgettable Instagram moments of 2019 and share the best moments of your year in new formats. I also love how you can customize your #TailwindYIR with shareable templates. Tailwind is a trusted official Instagram partner badged for community management, shareable templates and incredible stories. #TailwindYIR allows you to see your best moments through the eyes of your followers and what they liked, loved, and connected with the most in 2019. 🎉 Try it for yourself and download it for free to discover your own Year in Review collage of your most engaging top 9 posts. ➡


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